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Marge was born in Springfield in the family Clancy and Jacqueline Bouvier, a French immigrant. Clancy was a steward, but was ashamed of his profession, and Jacqueline told his daughter that he was the pilot. When Marge found out the truth, it is very stunned her and caused her fear of flying. Marge – the youngest daughter, she has twin sisters Patty and Selma. As a child, Marge wanted to become an astronaut, and her sisters laughed at her. In addition, when Marge refused to hide their cigarettes in their dollhouse, they are squeezed into it its very. This event had a great influence on her: for a long time she could not refuse anyone.
Marge was a very exemplary young girl, in her children’s camp set an example to others. It is in the camp, she first met Homer and kissed him. But an absurd accident separated them, and for many years Marge did not trust any boy.
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We also know that the little Marge was a guinea pig Korichka, chewed the wire under tension, which caused the death of a girl a lot of suffering.

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Marge is the moralistic force in her family and often provides a grounding voice in the midst of her family’s antics by trying to maintain order in the Simpson household.

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The Maggie Simpson Show Maggie’s Secret Problem

Warning This Episode contains Mild Nudity

Rated 12 for mild Nudity

Episode Plot: Maggie Falls out with Homer for breaking his promise Gerald Dares Maggie to streak round the School Butt Naked and Maggie’s problem is she falls for dares. HD DD

EXT, The Simpson’s House Daytime

INT, The Simpson’s Living Room

Maggie is sat on the couch watching Cartoons when Marge enters the room.

Marge: Maggie! Would you like to go to the Store with me?
Maggie: Nah I’d rather watch Cartoons.

Marge walks over to the TV and turns it off.

Maggie: Hey! I was watching that.
Marge: You’re going to the store Maggie end of story.
Maggie: Goddamn it!
Marge: and don’t swear Maggie!
Maggie: I’ll swear if I (Bleep) ing want to.
Marge: Maggie no you won’t now go upstairs and get ready.
Maggie: ok whatever!

Maggie goes upstairs to her bedroom.

INT, Maggie’s Bedroom

Marge has laid out some clothes out on Maggie’s bed for her to wear.

Maggie sees what they are.

Maggie: No! Not happening.
Marge: Maggie I think you will look nice in Shorts.
Maggie: But Boys will see my legs.
Marge: come on Maggie but your shorts on.
Maggie: ok Mommy for you.

Fade to Later in Maggie’s Bedroom

Maggie is now wearing Pink Shorts and a Pink and White T-Shirt

Maggie: I can’t believe your making me where these things.
Marge: I think you look very cute in those Shorts.
Maggie: But I look like a Dork!
Marge: no you don’t! Now let’s get in the car and Go Shopping.
Maggie: By the way where is Lisa and Bart?
Marge: they have gone to there friends house for the afternoon.
Maggie: I wish I could go to Emma’s House Today but she has gone to Florida for the summer.
Marge: come on let’s get in the car.
Maggie: ok Mommy!

INT, Marge’s Car

Maggie is sat with Marge in the front of the car Maggie has put on her Seatbelt.

Maggie: When we get to the store can I have some Candy?
Marge: Yes Maggie if you’re good for the ride.
Maggie: ok I’ll be good as gold.

EXT, Springfield Supermarket

INT, Springfield Supermarket

Marge is pushing a Trolley Maggie is sat in the Trolley.

Maggie: are we at the Candy Aisle Yet?
Marge: No Maggie this is the Frozen Aisle.
Maggie: Yeah I can feel that to my arms and legs.

Just then they see Homer who is supposed to be at Work.

Maggie: Hi Daddy!
Homer: Hi Maggie and Marge!
Marge: Homer! What are you doing here you should be at work.
Homer: I’m getting some Snacks for me Lenny and Karl.
Marge: oh that’s ok then.
Maggie: He has Beer too.
Homer: (Annoyed Grunt)
Marge: What is the Beer For?
Homer: to Bring home with me tonight because I want to get home to you and the kids instead of going to Moe’s.
Maggie: Is that Really True.
Homer: Yes my little Sweetheart of course it is.
Marge: Daddy! Has to go back to work now Maggie and he’ll see you tonight won’t you Homer?
Homer: Yes Marge I will see her tonight I promise her.
Maggie: If you break your promise my heart will be broken forever.

Homer puts his hand on Maggie’s Shoulder

Homer: Maggie! I swear to you that I will come home tonight at 5pm.
Maggie: Promise Accepted.

EXT, The Simpson’s House

INT, The Simpson’s Kitchen

Maggie Bart and Lisa are sat at the table waiting for Homer to come home! Marge is cooking the Dinner at the stove.

Maggie: Where the hell is Daddy he promise me he’d be home by 5pm?
Lisa: Don’t worry he will be.
Maggie: well he’d better be damn it.

Just then Homer comes home from work.

Homer: Hi Everyone I’m Home.
Maggie: (Angry) So I see!
Homer: Maggie! I’m sorry if I’m a little late but Daddy made a mistake.
Maggie: and I can guess what that mistake is.
Homer: And what is that my sweet little Maggie?
Maggie: you’ve been drinking and after you promised you wouldn’t
Homer: damn it I knew there was something I wasn’t supposed to do today.
Maggie: until you keep promises Daddy I’m refusing to even sit at the same table as you am having my Dinner in my room.

Maggie takes her Dinner upstairs to her bedroom because Homer has upset her.

Lisa: Now you’ve done it Dad! You’ve really upset Maggie!
Homer: I said I was sorry! What else can I do?
Lisa: you could go up to her bedroom and make her feel better.
Homer: Alright I’ll do it.

INT, Maggie’s Bedroom

Maggie is sat at her little table eating her dinner that Marge cooked for her.

Maggie: Lousy Daddy!

Just then Homer enters the room

Homer: Maggie! I know your mad at me right now and I know I made a horrible mistake by breaking a promise to you! I won’t do it again.
Maggie: ok Daddy I forgive you this time.
Homer: Great! Can I have some of your Pie?
Maggie: Of course you can.

Homer takes a piece of Maggie’s Pie and Eats it.

Homer: Mmm! Pie
Maggie: you really seem to like Pie don’t you Daddy!
Homer: Oh Yeah I love any kind of pie.
Maggie: so do I Daddy!

INT, the Simpson’s Bathroom

Maggie is wearing a towel and she is looking in the mirror.

Maggie: I’m the pretty one.

Maggie removes her towel and gets in the bath

Maggie: this feels good.

Just then a spider appears next to Maggie.

Maggie: you think you can scare me take that.

Maggie whacks the Spider with her hand she misses and she hurts her hand.

Maggie! Ow! Ow! That Spider! I’ll get you if it’s the last thing I do.

Maggie pulls out the Plug and wipes herself with the towel.

INT, Maggie’s Bedroom

Maggie is looking at herself naked in the mirror

Maggie: What the hell is that?

Just then Lisa enters the room

Lisa: aren’t you dressed yet?
Maggie: I will be in a minute Lisa!
Lisa: well go on then get dressed.
Maggie: ok keep your panties on.

Fade to Later in Maggie’s Bedroom

Maggie is now wearing her Pyjamas

Lisa: so are you having your Supper in here or in the Kitchen,.

Maggie: Now that I have forgiven Daddy I will have it at the kitchen table.
Lisa: that’s nice Maggie really nice.

EXT, Springfield Elementary School Daytime

INT, the Kindergarten Class

Maggie and her Classmates are finger-painting.

Maggie: Last Night I saw a spider in the bathroom.
Gerald: I bet you ran out of the bathroom naked and screaming (imitates Maggie) Spider AHHHHHHH!
Maggie: Hey I don’t do that.
Gerald: Do too!
Maggie: Do not.
Gerald: Prove it.
Maggie: How the hell I’m a going to prove it idiot.
Gerald: I don’t know maybe I dare will do it.
Maggie: ok what do I have to do?
Gerald: I dare you to streak round the school Butt naked.
Maggie: No!
Gerald: well your Brother told me you do it at home.
Maggie: ok I’ll do it but I really don’t like doing it.

EXT, Schoolyard

Maggie is stood facing Gerald and some other kids.

Nelson Jr: Go on Simpson we want to see some Butt.
Maggie: so you want to see Butt Do you ok here I go.

Maggie takes off all her clothes in front of everybody.

Ray Stevens the Streak is heard in the background.

Maggie runs round the playground like that until she gets stopped by Principal Skinner

Maggie: Yes Principal Skinner.
Skinner: And put some clothes on.
Maggie: Yes sir.

INT, Principal Skinner’s Office

Maggie is now wearing her Normal Clothes She is sat facing Principal Skinner.

Skinner: How dare you be naked in public?
Maggie: Here’s five Dollars to forget about it.

Maggie offers Him Five Dollars.

Skinner: Bribing the Principal Simpson!
Maggie: I thought you accepted Bribes.
Skinner: I have never accepted a bribe and never will.
Maggie: So am I in trouble?
Skinner: Yes Maggie and your punishment is 4 days detention.
Maggie: (Annoyed Grun

Naked Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson – all famous cartoon character, married to Homer. From his marriage to Homer has three children: Lisa, Bart and Megi. Marge does not work, she a housewife and her frail shoulders rests the upbringing of three children and household chores. Her character: hard-working, sensible, thrifty.


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