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Marge’s Sister Selma and Patty

They are cynical, constantly smoking, hating Homer Marge’s sisters working in the Springfield Department of Transportation. Selma is the highest, since she was born two minutes before Patty.

Twins at first glance very similar, but there are some simple ways to distinguish between them. According to Marge, Selma is the one who like the movie “Police Academy” and a walk in the park on a lovely autumn days. They can also be discerned visually by physical features:

* Y Patty lush coiffure, while Selma wears hair.
* Patty wears a pink dress with short sleeves and pink shoes while Selma – blue sleeveless dress and blue shoes.
* Patty wears orange triangular earrings while Selma – round purple.
* In early episodes Selma wore earrings in the shape of Roman letter S.

Marge's sisters Selma and Patty

The Simpsons Hardcore Sex

It was about time the Scooby Dooby crew get naked and nasty, even as a kid I thought that through the series they should have been spending much more time on top of one another enjoying wild and hard sex then solving mysteries.

Simpsons Family Porn Cartoon

Well, someone agrees with me, and this gallery is full of hot Scooby Doo sex pictures, but there’s more, Simpsons too have been adulterated here and the scenes with Lisa and Marge going wild are extra hot. Check out top class cartoon porn!

Simpson Heroes

Lisa, Bart and Milhouse

Bart And Lisa 12 year old

Lisa Bart and Milhouse

Bart and Gina in Love

Bart and Gina in Love

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