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Marge Simpson Suck Flanders Cock

Homer comes back home after a long day of work and donuts at the Nuclear Power Plant and finds Marge orally servicing the goody two shoes of Flanders!

Marge Simpson suck Flanders cock

Homer punches him out and makes Marge suck his big yellow dick instead. Marge still wants to enjoy Flanders’ cock, but Homer will have nothing of it.

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While they fight each other, Marge masturbates herself!

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The beach is supposed to be a fun place, but Homer seems to be bummed out. It’s so hot and he has to drag all the stuff around, including Maggie. Marge is set up to make Homer’s day at the beach memorable so she gives him an incentive, showing him her big boobs.

Marge Simpson GangBang

They get together with the Flanders so they can swing, Marge enjoys Ned’s huge cock and Ned’s wife loves Homer’s fat dick! Marge gets buried in sand and Homer fills her gaping asshole with hot cum!

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It’s another wild day in Springfield. Maybe not for all, but it sure is for Lisa since she got her pussy and ass wildly drilled by a bunch of kids today. This little yellow slut just can’t get enough of cock and she wants it inside all of her holes!

Marge Simpson Suck Moe Cock

Just take a look at her face as she is getting her mouth stuffed with some massive Flanders cock while her brother is pounding her slit really hard. They change places and then Bart inserts his massive dick in her tight butt, making her scream with pure excitement as he pounds her.

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Oh Lisa, that is what you get when you spend too much time hanging out with nerds. Sooner or later they are going to fuck you. And they did fuck her and they did it real good, even better than you would expect a pair of spectacled geeks would do.

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But the scene soon changes and Lisa is sucking Nelson’s dick as he lays back and enjoys her lips wrapped around his big shaft. At the same time her pussy is being brutally drilled by a black kid, while Milhouse is banging a blonde slut on the lawn in the yard.

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Edna Krabappel Fucked

Long enough Edna met with the school principal Seymour Skinner, but these meetings always prevented Skinner’s mother, constantly worrying his silly demands. Between them periodically case of a break, but sooner or later, they again came together. This lasted until the contest “Teacher of the Year” in Orlando, Seymour on stage made her an offer, to which she agreed. However the contest because she did not win.

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Their wedding was to be held in the gym, but at the last moment Edna escaped, doubted the sincerity of the feelings of the groom. Then, she began dating c Jeff Albertson and he also made her an offer, but Edna prefer solitude. Obviously, after a failed marriage relationship Edna and Skinner’s still not completely severed. In a series of «Regarding Margie» the two have sex on the golf course.

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For all those who have always been craving for some good Simpsons action here is a big gallery of absolutely awesome pictures that will knock you of your feet and make you wish for more. Check out Marge as she is getting her pussy licked while Bart gets a handjob from her. The little brat is ready to erupt in her face at any time but he is getting ready not to do so.

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On the other side of the town Milhouse’s mom and Ned Flanders are hitting it off on the floor and they are enjoying the action more than ever. This religious guy gets an epiphany when this horny woman shows him what sex could be like. Mod Flanders is having her first lesbian sex during that time and Lisa is fondling her boobs while Homer sticks his bald shaft in there.