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Crazy Simpsons Orgy

These modern toons that you are going to see in here are borrowed characters from The Simpsons and most of them are pretty much enjoying the big orgy that goes on at Moe’s Bar. Here groundkeeper Willie is having some fun with a busty brunette chick while on the other side of the pub, Marge and Homer are hitting it off in a pretty kinky way.

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She is his mistress for the night and whips him good as he is sticking his fat shaft inside her and making her moan. See the full action gallery!

Happy Holiday Simpsons!

It is holiday season in cartoon land so characters from all sides are now in their celebrational mood. And of course, that means much more fucking goes on than usual. Just look at princess Jasmin. Fucking behind Aladdin’s back with a Genie isn’t nice, no matter how big the Genie’s dick is.

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Or take a look at the Simpsons having some family fun in front of the Christmas tree. Marge sucking off Homer and Marge giving head to Bart, a real warm atmosphere. Or take a look at Inspector Gadget as he fucks his own niece dressed up as Santa.

Marge’s Birthday

It’s Marge’s birthday and Homer has a very special gift for her! He makes his very own glory hole birthday card, Marge is so excited, she can’t wait to suck on his hard cock and drink down all his creamy cum.

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Dressed up in her sexiest lingerie, they have the wildest hardcore sex on the kitchen floor, so Homer can have quick access to his favorite cravings: Marge’s wet pussy and the fridge!

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Homer Fuck Selma

The nights in Springfield have just became hotter. Tonight almost no one sleeps. Well, Marge did at first, so she couldn’t see how flamed up Homer was when Lisa came to jerk her daddy’s dick a bit. She likes it, but Marge doesn’t know. And Ned Flanders couldn’t believe when he saw his son banging his mother. It must have been a shock for him, but the kid enjoyed it. Just like Bart did when he was drilling Marge on the floor while Homer was fucking Lisa’s brains out in the bathroom, making her literally scream out as he plunged his dick inside her.

Homer And Selma

Homer Fuck Maude Flanders

Maude Flanders seems to be a very respectable lady, until Homer shows her his huge yellow boner. Imagine Ned’s surprise when he walks in and finds his wife fucking with Homer in all sorts of sexual positions only seen in kinky porn movies.

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Happy to know his wife can be a hot slut in bed, Ned joins them for a hardcore threesome; they double penetrate her and give her a double facial cumshot in the living room!

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