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Marge Simpson And Maude Flanders Suck Homer’s Dick

Flanders was never quite able to please his wife the way she was itching to be pleased, but she saw how Marge was always beaming after some hardcore fucking with Homer, so she decided to enter a hot threesome with the mature part of the Simpsons family.

Marge Simpson and Maude Flanders suck Homer dick

She scored herself some really hot fucking, Homer has always had a thing for redheads and he happily fucked her brains out, topping it off with a nice throat fuck and facial cumshot! Get more group sex scences with cartoons!

Homer Fuck Marge In Publick

In one series of Homer and Marge having sex in public 😳

Homer fuck Marge in publick

Homer And Marge Fuck In Publick

Who can tell how this series was called and from which it is the season?

Marge Simpson Giving Head

Marge Simpson sure loves giving head, and with a cock as big as her husband’s, she’s got quite a dick to practice on. Big, yellow and throbbing, that cock is just the way Marge loves it, she’s always in the mood to give it a saliva glaze.

Marge Simpson suck Krusty Clown cock

She takes her time, she does that when her kids are at school and when she can thoroughly enjoy the sensation of that big cock sliding down her throat. Oh, in case you were wondering, Marge swallows, she does not spit, that’s a waste as far as she’s concerned. Click here for a blowjob from Marge!

Sexy Marges Dreams

Here’s a Simpsons spin-off, this time it’s not Homer and his idiotic behavior that is in the center of the story, it’s Lisa and her unlikely steamy adventures.

Sexy Marge