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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Simpsons Girls

Homer decided to play one special game with Simpson Girl, today. It is called “Homer fuck Simpson Girl” and it starts with Homer taking his pants off and taking his hard cock out, so Simpson Girl can jump on it and ride it for a while.

Homer and Simpsons Gil

As Maggie has a lot of fun riding Homer’s cock, he is not bothering to say or do anything, he is just enjoying Maggie’s tight pussy until he is about to explode all over her. In that moment, he is only trying not to scream from pleasure too loud.

Hardcore Fucking Simpsons Family

B realized that he can make M suck his cock and she will not tell that to anyone, because she has a lot of fun, too.

Hardcore Fucking Simpsons Family

If you want to see Bart fuck Maggie, you are at the right place, because they have just started playing Bart’s special game he calls “Suck my cock and you will get some cream at your face to lick“. After she sucks his cock, he enjoys to masturbate at her face or to fuck her in variety of places in their home. She has a lot of fun.

Likes riding Homer’s cock

Homer are having fun with each other, so Marge rides Homer’s cock first, and then he gets to surprise her with his secret skills he uses to please Marge and scores every time.

Lisa and Homer Porn

Since Marge is not home, Homer had to find some other pussy to fuck, and Lisa was close enough and good enough to start with. They got on their couch in the living room and started playing with each other when Homer realized that he likes Lisa’s tight pussy because it is fresh and gets wet faster than Marge’s.