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Marge and Homer are having sex

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Marge spread her legs and wanted to ride Homer’s cock from behind, because it is her favorite position. As long as he doesn’t have to do something, except to enjoy, Homer has nothing against that plan. They were fucking each other all night long.

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Simpsons swingers

This time, Lisa is the one who fucks, and Bart is the one who gets fucked, but that doesn’t matter, because both of them have an orgasm in the end.

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Since no girl was at home because they went shopping, only HomerĀ  in one moment they have realized that they got horny, and all they could do is to play with each other.

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They had a plan- first step was- mans suck Homer’s cock while kneeling in front of him. Second step was- Homer enjoys all the fun and he decides when they change places. There was no third step, because once Homer ejaculated, he got sleepy and went to bed. It all ended up with mans sucking cock.

Homer Cuckold

Homer once came home and saw that his wife Marge fucking another man!
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Homer Cuckold

Marge Simpson Masturbation

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Marge Simpson Masturbation

After she has fun with Marge has to take her dildo and satisfy her needs, because once her pussy gets wet enough, she can’t stand unsatisfied desire to have an orgasm. When Lisa starts cumming, she screams from pleasure so her neighbours can hear.