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This is really inappropriate and wrong, but someone added some color blocks to the very poorly-designed 2012 London Olympic logo to make it look like Lisa and Bart Simpson engaged in well, you can tell for yourself. Our friends at Smaknews linked to this Facebook group titled “2012 Olympic Logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving…” and I found it so damn funny. The logo is normally fuchsia-colored and it’s supposed to be a stylized chunky “2012,” but until I read that I had no idea what it was. It just looked like a bunch of cubic shapes to me. This logo first came out in the summer 2007 and there was a lot of buzz at the time about how lousy it was. The Guardian even ran an article noting the Lisa Simpson figure to the right called “How Lisa Simpson got ahead at the Olympics.” The London Olympics stubbornly retained the logo, though, and are using it on their website and merchandise. There’s even an version on their website with some stripes and a little curlicue added for flair. Unfortunately an earlier animated version of the logo had to be pulled because it could potentially trigger epileptic seizures. (I’m not even making this up.)

Other variations on this crappy logo include a head added to the left side to make it look like simple fellatio and a remix to make it spell out “Shit.” When the logo was unveiled to great mockery, BBC ran a contest for someone to submit a better version. One guy made a mockup based on the internet meme “goatse” (There is no way I’m linking that, google at your own risk) and the BBC showed it on the air without having a clue what it represented. It still would have been better than the fuschia fellatio blocks.

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